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[Review] Glossier Generation G Lipstick in Jam

This post, like ALL the others in my draft box at the moment, has been a LONG time coming.

Sooooo… my friend AN wanted to try out Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser, but didn’t want anything else and asked me if I wanted anything so we could get free shipping. At this point in time, I am a bit obsessed with Glossier so of course, I said yes!

I decided to pick up two of the next few items on my wishlist – The Generation G Lipstick in the shade Jam, and the Balm Dotcom in the newest mango flavour. The Gen G lipsticks are £14 a piece. From what I can tell, the packaging is sturdy enough although I know for the Gen G that it has been changed. I didn’t own a Gen G previously so I can’t compare the two.

(The mango balm, by the way, is just a balm that smells fabulous. I have no further comments, so can’t do a full review. It costs £10.)

Generation G claims to provide a sheer matte finish. In line with this, the bullet is on the harder side for lipsticks so it doesn’t glide super smoothly, and so deposits less colour. The shape of the bullet is round rather than typically pointed, which I think is also appropriate for the messy-organised aesthetic that Glossier goes for. It can be messy, but it won’t need much fixing due to it being so sheer. Even in Jam which is one of their bolder shades, Gen G is quite quick and fuss-free to apply. I don’t bother with using a brush like I usually do.

Below, I present swatches that show Jam with one layer, and with multiple layers. You can get it to become pretty bright, and the blotted look is still as lovely. Of course, it won’t last as long and you can expect in general to be feeling dry after a few hours, and needing to top up fairly often. You can also see that the pigment catches in dry areas and deeper lip lines.

Below, I compare Jam to my favourite purple, Revlon’s Balm Stain in Jam. They’re really quite similar, so if you want a serious lasting stain and punch of colour, you’d like Crush much more!

Lastly, I know Jam can seem quite bright especially when built up to a few layers. However, I also currently have purple hair that is even brighter, making Jam truly seem quite low-key!!

Overall, I do really like the lipstick, and I would like to pick up Zip next. Jam works well as a colourful but not too crazy option that can be used at work and will suit the oncoming colder months, and as it fits my current makeup style, I find myself reaching for it a lot!

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