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[Review] NYX Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil

Y’know, all this packing and buying new things is really making me think of finally writing up some ‘what’s in my bag’ travel posts! That will be super exciting when the sun comes out!

In the meantime, I have to express my thoughts on this skin tint.

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Cost: £10.00
Availability: Most makeup retailers (Superdrug, Boots, Debenhams, FeelUnique…) Plus their own stores!
Cruelty-Free? Yes, but owned by parent company L’Oreal

The Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil comes in 12 shades, which sounds disappointing at first until you remember that it’s a tint. It’s a very light coverage product so there is far more leeway in finding a shade that matches you. Across the 12 shades there is a clearly even split in the range for dark and light skin tones (unlike other ranges which  have a 9-3 split coughcoughITcosmeticscoughcough).

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By the way, this is a preliminary line-up for my travel makeup bag! I have been re-packing! 

To prove my point, I want to say that I actually bought this product for my sister’s Year 11 prom. I think she’s at least a shade or two darker than me. It matched her well enough but we ended up in a pinch when a few days after prom she passed it back saying she thinks it caused her to have a breakout. I was worried that we had just wasted a tenner, but I tried it myself and I made it work with no extra work.

I like that this product is a little buildable. You can either blend this into almost nothing but a blurred effect on your face, or pat it over for slightly more coverage. I’ve used this both ways, making this the easiest option for quick and easy makeup with fingers (and we know I’m ALL about that at the moment!!).

It will NOT cover everything. Below, you can see that it covers my mild redness just fine, and help with reducing but will not eradicate acne-induced redness.

No Makeup
Hi, here’s a terribly edited diagram to show the light coverage that this product has!

I really mean it when I say ‘blurred’ effect. It smooths over the pores on my cheeks quite well and, on my forehead, it doesn’t look like a patchy mess. The light coverage means that you don’t really notice when it fades but the blur effect is still sorta there after much of it has worn off. WHAT IS THIS MAGIC.

Of course, I can’t vouch for its lasting power as it does fade on my nose and crease in my undereye. I think these are minor gripes for this product though considering its target market! You can always use your fave matte concealers or primers instead.

Overall, this is a fab option for lighter summer makeup on a decent skin day. As this post goes out, I’m battling a bad breakout, so I haven’t been wearing it recently, but the moment these spots are gone? Pry this away from me if you can!

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