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What’s in my Backpack? Plane Edition (Goodordering Classic)

(updated post-travel with minor changes)

By the time this post goes out, I will be in Seoul! HOW EXCITING.

Anyway, I bought a new backpack recently! It was a celebratory gift to myself of sorts, to commemorate this new adventure I am going on.

My old Kipling backpack is starting to get on in age – it’s over five years old already, and is only just fraying in places. It has stains and holes patched up with Gorilla Tape (really sturdy stuff, that). It has survived three years at school with my brother, two years of university with me, two trips to Vietnam and much more!

I can probably still use it even more but its biggest drawback is that it’s quite bulky especially on my small self and I fear I will knock someone over every time I move. I wanted to get a backpack with a slimmer design that I could use for light packing and daily use at university this year.

Copy of Copy of Copy of pic tag

After looking through a lot of websites (and lots of Fjallraven Kankens) I decided on the Goodordering Classic in Maroon. This bag really stuck out to me in its trendy squarish, flat shape and modern white accent design, and the maroon reflects my current taste quite well – y’all know I love me some deep red burgundy! There are other orange and green colours available. I am very excited to use it. The only thing about the design that doesn’t excite me is the velcro on those front pockets – I much prefer snap buttons or magnetic buttons as everything catches but this is a minor gripe.

The Goodordering Classic cost me £60 from their website, which was right in the range that I was willing to spend. It’s hard to recommend backpacks based on a price point really as I know younger people don’t have that much money but then again, I see kids with Kankens all the time and those are not cheap!

The backpack has a super-slim pocket at the back for laptops, the main pocket (with one mini pocket inside) and some smaller pockets on the front and two side pockets for a drinks bottle or umbrella. The bag also came with a large drawstring bag. I’m not sure what I would use it for as it has no handle or anything, but maybe it’s ideal for separating dirty clothes? I kept it in the bag for emergencies.

For the plane journey, I already have a carry-on suitcase for my laptop and some other things, but that is going in the overhead compartment. This backpack will be stuffed under the seat in front for easy reach so my essentials will go in there.

Copy of Copy of Copy of pic tag (2)

My phone, purse, and passport are usually in my hands at any one time but when they are put away they will likely go in the slim back compartment as they’re too valuable to stick in the front. My purse cost about £10 from Monki, who do some fabulous items that fit my current style really well. They do a bunch of cute cardholders if that is more your thing! I just like how simple and sleek their designs are. The long front pocket will hold my portable battery pack and cable.

In the main bag compartment, I kept my Nintendo Switch and spare joycons (the other peripherals are in the large suitcase). I also kept a spare pair of underwear in there should any disasters happen.

In general, I don’t expect to be reading much over the next year, but my second flight is 11 hours so I better be prepared to keep myself entertained! I downloaded a lot of manga to read on my favourite app, MangaRock Definitive, and of course, I could always do with learning Korean on the way! Right now, my favourite app for learning vocabulary is Korean with ReWord.

Copy of Copy of Copy of pic tag (1)

I land at around noon in Korea so I wanted to be ready to face the rest of the day as well!  I brought along my makeup and skincare in a travel bag from Muji. I have my trusty mini skincare container from Muji that looks like a contact lens case for aliens. It holds decants of my current eye cream, emulsion and lip mask in case I wanted to do any skincare on the plane. The extra all-round balm of choice was Glossier’s Balm Dot Com in Mango.

The sunscreen I am using is one from Elra Story – the Alpine Remedy Centella sunscreen (NOT the one pictured here as I had lost it at the time of taking the photos!). Also not pictured here are some face wipes to refresh myself on the plane with.

As for makeup, I have with me my current base of choice, NYX Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil paired with Glossier Stretch Concealer in G11. My lipstick that day is Bobbi Brown’s Crushed Lip Colour in Telluride, which is low-key and lazy – perfect! I have my mascara and curler too just in case I am in the mood to use it.

That’s about everything that is going in my bag as I travel! See you all on the other side!!

Until next time,




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