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[First Impressions / Review] Fenty Beauty NEW Seoul Launch Products!

Products reviewed:

  • Diamond Bomb II “Holo At Me”
  • Liquid Diamond Bomb “Rollin’ Dice”
  • Baby Buki Brush

When I said ‘See You Soon’ last time, I meant SOON.

If you haven’t yet, do have a look at the previous post! Long story short, I was able to get a ticket to see Rihanna, Hector Espinal and Priscilla Ono in Seoul talk about makeup where these new products were announced and all the guests were able to go home with them to try ahead of the worldwide launch! Like, HOLY MOLY I am SO excited. The perfect end to a great night. This is the closest I’ve ever gotten to being sent PR, LOL.

*Due to the pace of testing and posting this (about 2 days), I would like y’all to know that this is closer to a First Impressions post, which I never usually do. In two days of playing around with the products I have done my best to include good detail and may update this post in the future with the kind of insights only a few months of using this would bring. *

As this post goes out, the products will be released worldwide but it looks like they are only for a limited time, according to the twitter account for Fenty Beauty.


Without further ado, let’s get right into playing with the products!

The packaging is pretty! What else is there to say about it? I love that Holo At Me has the same iridescent feel to it as the highlighter itself. I also can’t believe the size of it – absolutely gigantic, the size of my (smol) palm. I probably expected smaller and it does look bigger against the two other products I have.

I also don’t have much to say about Baby Buki, aside from the fact that it’s ADORABLE. It has no lid, but the brush is dense enough that I feel it doesn’t really need one. It’s the same height-ish as Liquid Diamond Bomb, which is to say, both are smaller than my palm. It picks up enough highlighter product for a natural sheen, and buffs it out speedily. No complaints.


The liquid highlighter, Rollin’ Dice, looks like a dinky lil’ nail polish bottle, but it’s actually applied via a rollerball! Which is pretty interesting, to say the least. At the launch, it looked so intense on camera and this was true the first time I tried it out at home for my arm swatches here. The glitter comes out with the liquid which then evaporates within a minute to leave just glitter on the skin. It can be blended out quite easily while wet but also while dry, too!

Liquid Diamond Bomb, Not Shaken.

The Liquid Diamond Bomb needs to be shaken before use – you’ll see that the glitter settles down in the bottle quite quickly as well which might be a minor gripe for you, but you can also use it to your advantage to make the highlight less intense if you want to. Don’t make the mistake I did of shaking with the lid off, because now my trousers are glittery, too!!

So these initial photos of me were taken in bright artificial light in my own room the day after the event. I don’t look my best here – I’m running on 5 hours of sleep, a cafe latte, and my first pop quiz in neuroscience didn’t go great. But I have my NYX Skin Tint and Etude House Honey Cera Lip Oil on so I don’t look completely dead.

The tint has already been on for about three hours while I went to lectures, so I am already a little glowy in the photos below as I have oily skin. At this stage in my makeup journey, I recognise that I will always turn glowy eventually, so it’s a matter of what bases wear off best over time. NYX’s skin tint happens to break down evenly and not crack on my upper lip like heavier foundations which is why it’s an unexpected love of mine.

Anyway, it is time to make myself even GLOWIER. MORE GLOW!!

[I did take pictures of arm swatches but I want to re-do them to show low and high-intensity highlight like I have below, so this is a note to self]

Day 1 of Playing

Diamond Bomb II, Holo At Me, built up with Baby Buki.

This first photo is just the Diamond Bomb II, applied with the Baby Buki Brush. It’s so subtle! Not as all as intimidating as thought it would be, so I had to build it up using the brush for the camera to catch it well. In real life, this might be the most highlighter I might usually go with, and how I imagine many people here in Korea would use it – for that natural glowy look.

It catches the light so beautifully with its pink flecks of shimmer. I can already see why Diamond Bomb I is so popular here in Korea, assuming it’s similar. It perfectly fits the dewy makeup style here. Side note: I love how I look in this photo, but you can see in my eyes I am lacking sleep.

As previous photo, with addition of some Liquid Diamond Bomb in Rollin’ Dice.

For this next photo, I applied a bit of the Liquid Diamond Bomb, Rollin’ Dice, on top of Holo At Me. I felt this would be a good idea as Rollin’ Dice is more intense, but actually here there isn’t as much of it as I would like as I hadn’t mastered the control of the product intensity.

However, you can see how much ‘clearer’ the highlight looks as a result of layering the two. I think Rollin’ Dice would be fantastic for a glass-skin look.

As with previous, with more Holo At Me applied on top using fingers.

Now, THIS is what we are talking about! As you can see from this photo, you can produce a much more intense look using your fingers to apply the product (this is on top of what was shown in the last photo). Definitely not something I would usually go for, but lawd that is pretty. (By the way, is it too obvious that I don’t really highlight?? I’m just kind of putting it everywhere!)

After these initial observations, I decided to sprinkle more Holo At Me all over my face with Baby Buki and headed out to meet a friend for dinner. I didn’t think it was all that bright but the first thing she mentioned was how bright it was even at a distance! I feel that sometimes it’s hard to tell how bright it is so I keep packing more on…

Day Two of Playing

So, on this second day I look much nicer, hair is washed, still running on low sleep and caffeine though. Today I focused on messing with Rollin’ Dice, and I’ve figured out how to control the level of highlight that comes out of the Liquid Diamond Bomb.

I want to include a photo of low-intensity Rollin’Dice, but to be honest with y’all it’s so subtle and matches the light so well it doesn’t show up on camera! In person, you can distinguish the shimmer and my friends will notice it although it is still super natural.

Liquid Diamond Bomb in Rollin’ Dice, applied normally. Looks rather normal on camera but shimmery IRL.

See… I don’t know about you, but in this photo it just looks like I am sweating. In real life, there’s a little sparkle.

If you want to have a blinding, ‘shine bright like a diamond’ moment, my best tip is to shake the bottle, and then stand it upside down! This brings all the glitter closer to the rollerball applicator, meaning more of it is deposited on the skin. Blend it out with your fingers or Baby Buki brush and you have… a highlight that will show on camera!

Liquid Diamond Bomb, applied rather heavily.

TA-DA. Again, I love how ‘clear’ it looks.

That was the extent to which I had fun with the products over the last few days. I can’t even say ‘tested’ because I don’t know enough about highlighter to truly test them. I think I would’ve properly died had I witnessed a lipstick launch.

The final points I want to make before closing this post are about wear time and transfer. I can happily say that this stuff glows all day and stays on, even in sweltering Seoul heat, many trips up the Korea University hills in one day, etc.

It DOES transfer – when I scratch an itch on my face or want to wipe off sweat, my fingers do end up glittery. So you should do your best not to disturb your face but honestly, I don’t lose that much glitter by touching my face so don’t worry too much about it. It’s just that I spread glitter wherever I go.

Liquid Diamond Bomb, Shaken.

I hope you enjoyed my excited explosion of words here today!!! These new products will have been released as you’re reading this, so DO let me know if you’re thinking of picking these up or have any questions!

Until Next Time,


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