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[Snap Review] Etude House Honey Cera Lip Oil

It’s here, folks! The first beauty post written in Seoul! (I say this although my excitement for Rihanna last week really beat me to the punch.)

As we all know, beauty shopping in Seoul is a dangerous venture for the wallet. I’ve held back a lot so far! But I wanted a daily lip balm for days at home in case a mask was too heavy or my lips did not need a mask. I had also wanted to try the Honey Cera range ever since it came out years ago, so this was the perfect chance to do so!


This Lip Oil cost me 7000krw (£4.50 ish) from the nearest Etude House. I also bought some sheet masks and a nail file. After making a purchase of about 10,000krw, I got a few free sheet masks too! You can most likely order this online anywhere Etude House is sold, like Jolse and YesStyle, and even buyer-approved Ebay and Amazon Stores as I know Jolse and other Korean retailers have their own stores on those platforms.


It’s a gorgeous looking product. The oil is orange and thick, the applicator is chunky but the bottleneck prevents too much product from being picked up for my lips. It looks very similar to the Clarins Lip Oil which is the closest western equivalent I can think of. It’s probably worth the try if you like the Clarins, especially with the price difference.


I really enjoy using this product whenever I am not using lip colour, so mostly at home although I have been known to run out to convenience stores with just this on. It has no tint of its own. The lip oil is thick so it doesn’t wear off quickly, but it’s not sticky either, and it gives the nicest gloss to the lips while making my lips feel truly moisturised. I think it’s amazing for daily use! Although it’s marketed as a treatment I don’t think it’s quite enough and would use a heavier lip mask in the night time.

I really love using this so far and would buy it again when I run out! I think that with regular use it’ll last between 3-6 months.

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