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[Review] Lilybyred Mood Cheat Kit in Peach Energy

When it came to the later stages of packing my suitcases to go to Korea, I ended up ditching all of my regular eyeshadow palettes. They were all rather big and bulky, and this year I’ve been leaning away from that and going for much more compact options. My go-to was the small custom palette made up of Primark shades, which I used more than any of my other palettes, higher-end included!

So, when it came down to picking a palette once I had landed, I had an idea of what I wanted.


In my eyeshadow palettes, I like for there to be a black for it to be truly a palette I can take anywhere with me. However, I kind of struggled to see anything that was close to that in the Korean stores around me. In fact, a lot of their palettes are really light and shimmery.


I picked up Lilybyred’s Mood Cheat Kit in Peach Energy because it looked like the most balanced and not too shimmery out of the ones I could see in Olive Young. I also like how small it is (a little bigger than my palms, so like, average palm size!) and the dark brown looked promising.

Price: 26,000 krw (£17.64) at Olive Young
Availability: Not great, I found it in Olive Young but I’m struggling to find it online for y’all!! I managed to find it on Ebay for £23.
Cruelty-Free: By law, Korean cosmetics should be cruelty-free. However, most Korean brands do also tend to sell in China.

I was actually under the impression that the palette was going to be cheaper but alas, that’s what happens when I suck at reading signs in Korean. This is much higher than the price point I had in mind, but still kind of affordable when I think about it.

I was both disappointed and not surprised at the resulting swatches. Especially at that dark brown. But I was surprised at how much I liked the shimmers! In fact, they’re less like shimmers and more like finer glitter shades and I like them a lot!


Trying to get my photos to their true potential will be a bit more of a challenge in my new home, but you get the idea from these photos.

Level Up Beige is a very cool-toned beige that just about shows up on my skin. I use it mostly as a mixing shade and not much else.

Boss Beige is much more my style, being a warmer beige that adds just the right amount of colour to my eyes on a natural kind of day. It resembles a latte.

Ready Brown is another easy go-to shade, a warm hot chocolate brown.

Pink Magic is a light rose-gold glitter with duochrome flecks. It’s grown on me, but it’s not my favourite of the glitters.

Super Peach sets the tone for the whole palette as it is placed in the middle. It looks quite bright but I imagine it would look really lovely blended with the other shades in the palette.


Gold Treasure was an instant hit for me. A simple light golden fine glitter shade, it just hits all the right notes. It’s wonderful in the middle of the eyelid for a little elegant glam.

Tear Glitter sounds like it was made for the glittery tear-duct eyes that K-Beauty makeup seems to like so much.

Pop Up Bronze is right up my alley. Finally, a bolder shade! I love a good bronze, and this will carry me well into autumn.

Lastly, Mellow Maker is a neutral shimmery brown. It’s not that pigmented for a dark shade, so it’s impossible to overdo it and it’ll still match a more natural eye. I’m still a little disappointed in it, but it works out.

Overall, it’s not a palette that I would buy again (not that I buy many palettes as it is!) but it’s a worthy palette to take me through the coming year! For the budget-conscious, I’d probably look at other small palettes from brands like Colourpop and NYX that would be cheaper and also much easier to find, although I can’t promise that they would have the same colour palette.

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