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Media Edit Autumn/Winter 2019, #1

It’s been a while (April, in fact??), so I’ve consumed a fair bit of content since last time. I’ve split it all up into two posts, so I will be covering TV and music in a separate post. I can’t believe we’re moving onto a new decade of new things to read and watch and I can’t wait to see what I discover!


I think I’m going to have trouble talking about ALL the manga I read in the last semester, so I want to highlight some of my recent favourites.

Kono no Oto Tomare
About: A school club where the members play a traditional instrument called the koto.

The anime for this series was released recently, but of course I read it instead.  It’s got all the regular high-school drama, the fluffy romance, plus the tension that comes with a sports/ music competition manga, and since it’s based on music I want to actually watch the anime to hear the songs! Definitely amongst my favourite shoujo manga now, I think!

About: A girl who is scarily good at acting.

I have been missing Skip Beat a lot – it’s a monthly manga about showbiz and the wait for new chapters can become unbearable even without the breaks. I was so happy to have found ACT-AGE which is very similar, but focuses on acting instead of all-around showbiz like Skip Beat. I love the art for it, too. I didn’t realise it was a Weekly Jump title until looking up covers for this blog post!

(For anyone who doesn’t know or is new to anime/manga, Weekly Jump publishes or has published most of our mainstream favourites, including One Piece, Naruto and Bleach to more recent favourites Kimetsu no Yaiba, The Promised Neverland, Haikyuu, Assassination Classroom… Since it is a weekly publication the manga featured is fast-paced and really easy to get into as well. If everyone is talking about it, chances are it was published in Weekly Jump first. The most notable exceptions to this for me are Fairy Tail and Attack on Titan.)

Recently I want to read things that make me laugh, so I’ve added a few great comedies to my reading list.

About: A spy whose mission is to infiltrate a well-known elite school, and so has to make a family in a week. Lots of secrets, lots of laughs.

Mr Villain’s Day Off
About: As the title says.

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun
About: A mangaka in high school who draws cute shoujo. 

About: A couple who are both nerds. One is an avid gamer, the other a ‘closet otaku’. Charming, super-funny and relatable! The trick to finding love is truly just being yourself.


Pokemon Sword 

This was a completely predictable entry for you all, probably. However, I didn’t expect to enjoy the new Pokemon game as much as I did. I was a little underwhelmed with the 3DS entries of the franchise, to say the least. But, despite my small criticisms (why did they exclude the SWAN pokemon in an England-inspired region??), this is still my favourite pokemon game in 9 years, and I’ve also never felt more motivated to actually finish the Pokedex!

I also think that, since I started university and also started streaming, I’ve made a lot more friends who play the same games that I do so it’s also far easier to trade!


Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Meanwhile, out of left field, I felt like reading the original Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and fell head-first into a pit of nostalgia. Occasionally, while collecting cards in this online version of the universe, I’ll come across a card I used in my childhood and it’s like a punch to the heart.

We used to have Blue Eyes White Dragon. My brother put our old deck through the wash in one of his pockets. I’ll never let him live it down.


Besides inhaling content from Korean Englishman, I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of Cooking Youtube, because now that I’m living in a foreign country in a goshiwon with limited kitchen functionality, I needed inspiration, and fast! There’s no oven here, so I’ve never been more comfortable with using a saucepan and with frying things (always an area of cooking I did not like). I’ve also learned to use ingredients in ways I hadn’t thought of before.

I’ve been enjoying BORED’s channel, for really simple Korean dishes explained quickly and quirkily. I always have the ingredients he uses just lying around so when I am stuck for what to cook I can at least manage something from this channel. By something, I mean just garlic fried rice. I love garlic, and love fried rice.

Featured below is something I’m likely to cook soon as there’s not much in my fridge, but there IS a tomato!!

I also enjoy One Meal A Day for the same reason. Simple and very quick dishes.

TV & Netflix

I really haven’t been watching that much beyond re-binging Queer Eye which is my default state when I’m feeling down. I’ve watched a bit of Carmen Sandiego’s 2nd season, and I’m currently watching Glow Up – a makeup competition show. It’s not dramatically edited, the challenges are genuinely high-pressure at times (celebrity makeup and fashion week backstage!) and it has great guest judges from all walks of makeup.

Honestly I’ll keep watching future seasons as I know the standard will probably shoot up as it continues. There have been some great looks this season but it was pretty easy to guess who would end up in the finals, too.


That’s all for now! In the next post, I talk an awful lot about music from the second half of 2019.

See you then!


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