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Five Years of Twenty Swans!?!?!

Things change a lot in five years.

I started this blog while still struggling in school and now I’m over halfway through my undergraduate degree. Not to mention that it’s now 2020 – At the beginning of the last decade I got into Kpop and I have started the 2020s in Seoul. I can’t even express how proud I am of myself for having ticked off such a major life goal so early – to live abroad in a city I dreamt of visiting.


So now the question is, what’s next? I never really thought too hard about my future career. I was depressed, and for quite a while simply didn’t think I would make it this far to consider the future. I had no major life goals or dreams to speak of until recently. There were times that I thought I might not even go to university. I was also fully convinced as a teenager that I would be single forever and I’m glad my boyfriend has proven me wrong.

Do I even have a bucket list? I think if I had a list, then visiting Seoul was one of them, I’d say, and living in Tokyo was another (although it looks like I’m doing it the other way around, living in Seoul and visiting Tokyo). Y’all, I saw Rihanna this year which I never thought would happen in my lifetime, and that wasn’t on my bucket list but was probably better than many other things that might have been. I also got to see Epik High perform live in London, which was amazing.


In general, I think I am happy to see where life takes me in the next decade. The unexpected has surprised me in the best ways, so it’s good to just stay open-minded and positive. Everything about the 20s is all high-energy, right? Roaring twenties and all – but there really is no rush.

Oh, but getting my degree and graduating comes first.


Yearly Blog Stuff

I haven’t promoted my blog at all this year, so I shall not update my stats as they largely haven’t changed and if anything, have gone down! I’m not good at social media and it shows.

My most viewed posts this year:

  1. Review| Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream
  2. Those Malie Green Tea Sheet Masks (HAHA, it’s finally not the top post! YAY)
  3. Kose Suncut Aqualy UV Cream
  4. PH Testing My Current Cleansers!
  5. Battle of the Supposed Velvet Teddy Dupes (If you liked this, do check out part two, which is better and more complete)

My top posts from this year only:

  1. Glossier Stretch Concealer (which is still in regular use)
  2. More Clinique Pop Lip Colours
  3. Review and Lament: Rosette Ceramide Gel (WHICH, by the way, I am still working my way through. Yes, I brought it to Seoul. No, I’m not even halfway done but this still works SO WELL when my skin suddenly flakes out.)
  4. Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colours (I regret not taking Blackberry with me to Korea for the autumn season, but Telluride has been getting ALL the wear!)
  5. Fenty Beauty Seoul Launch Products! 

Content wise, I’ve been posting a bit less beauty and more of just me. It doesn’t seem that way looking at the year as a whole, but many of the beauty posts in the earlier half of 2019 were planned or written in 2018 and just put out later. My beauty posts haven’t been giving me the same excitement lately which is why there hasn’t been any really ‘new’ content. I don’t know what kind of opinions I have to offer that isn’t already out there.

However, I also think a lot of this is because I just haven’t really treated myself to beauty in a long time. It’s a fairly expensive hobby! As I type though, I’ve just bought a few items I’ve had my eye on for ages, and I am actually very excited about them and hope to review them soon!


As for last year’s goals:

  • I’m still not vegetarian, but I’ve reduced the amount of meat I eat quite a lot compared to before. I feel like that has mostly kept up in Korea mainly because it’s so expensive to cook using meat, resulting in (mostly) vegetarian cooking and treating myself to meat when I go out. I’m quite happy with that progress.
  • I was going to the gym quite regularly up until my placement in Korea began. Has my weight ballooned still since I got here though? Yes, I think so. I don’t think I will be doing much about it until I return to the UK though. I’d rather just have a good time and try not to worry about my weight. I like to think the abundance of stairs and hills in Seoul is doing me some good anyway…
  • Did I even finish a whole book this year? *shrugs*
  • I didn’t blog the entirety of July but at least managed to pull it back in August.
  • I did cull my makeup collection before I moved to Korea and I hope to destash again once I am home. I did finish a lipstick even though it was a mini! 


This year’s goals:

  • Continuing on from last year, I want to have at least two days a week where I eat vegetarian by the end of the year. I think that’s a fair compromise considering I don’t do most of the cooking in the household. In fact, that means that when I do cook, it should be veggie.
  • Blog in July! AND August! Finally, close up that gap in the year where I don’t blog!
  • Draw more! I have a little sketchbook I would love to finish, and as mentioned before I want to draw more guys, backgrounds, more digital work, and overall round off my drawing skillset a bit better.
  • Be better about promoting the blog. Actually use the Twenty Swans Instagram, share my posts on Twitter more than once, etc etc. I’m so proud of the work I put into my posts that I should put more effort into sharing them.
  • Do that big clearout when I move home from Seoul. Donate those items I never wear, cut up those palettes I don’t care THAT much for, all of those knick-knacks accumulated over the last decade or so, re-organise my storage systems and refresh everything for the future.

As always, thank you for reading!



4 thoughts on “Five Years of Twenty Swans!?!?!”

  1. Happy 5 years! Well done you, you sound like you’re doing just fine. Starting the decade off in an entirely different country is definitely a huge leap in life! I’m actually so jealous that you are in Seoul – I have been keeping up with your IG Stories and you definitely did not waste a minute in discovering all the ins and outs of the city.

    I’m doing the same thing this year with eating a lot less meat. I’m not aiming to be vegetarian or anything but I just find that I don’t need to be dependent on meat and it has opened my food palette even more. I generally don’t eat meat in my breakfast or lunch now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hiya! Sorry for the late reply~ But thank you so much for your comments all over the blog, I really appreciate it! Hopefully you can visit Korea soon, I really miss it there myself! X


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