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[Review] Innisfree Vivid Oil Tint in #9 Bloody Chocolate Red

Here we are, folks! The first lipstick I bought in Korea! Aren’t we excited?? Because I know I am!!

It’s getting towards the end of January, so time is really flying by. It’s colder in Seoul compared to Birmingham as it’s constantly hitting minus temperatures in Seoul, but I’ve been told it’s not too bad this year compared to the usual. It’s beginning to get warmer as well already – we haven’t really had any snow!


True to season, I want to reach for more deeper reds, but I want them to be glossy and moisturising, but I also want them to last. Since trying and loving Etude House’s Honey Cera Oil, I was longing for more lip oils and leaning towards trying a tinted version!


Price: W10,000 ish (about £7)
Availability: Most Innisfree stores or online stores that supply Innisfree… which is most of them. Innisfree is one of the biggest K-Beauty brands which is a plus.

The Innisfree Vivid Oil Tint in this shade actually doesn’t have any online swatches from what I can see. It seems like they had an earlier collection with a white lid, but this collection has a black lid and doesn’t look the same at all. It also seems to be a recent redesign as I didn’t see any of the white lids in stores.


#9 Bloody Chocolate Red is a deceptively deep red. Layering it up produces a bold and deep red but it does stain and fades out to an even muted red. It has a slightly pinkish tone. I really love this result. It’s not too drying on my lips and it doesn’t look messy reapplied either and just makes my lips look juicy.

It’s fairly easy to apply, and the doe foot applicator picks up enough product to cover the lips in one go. I recommend swiping most of the product onto the centre of the lips and then slowly working outwards, lining the lips with what is left so it doesn’t look too messy. Since it’s not too pigmented it doesn’t get too messy when wearing a face mask if you apply fairly lightly.


This post was supposed to have been completed months ago, but I’m glad I am only getting around to it now because I have since obtained more tints to compare to! It may seem like I am repeating myself in later posts, but it makes the review better and more ‘complete’ in my opinion, so please bear with me.

Left to right, the tints are:

  • Innisfree Vivid Oil Tint in Bloody Chocolate Red
  • Romand Juicy Lasting Tint in 06 #FigFig
  • A’Pieu Juicy Pang Tint in CR03

Also, the lighting used is artificial, harsh LED lighting. The colours I’d say show up quite accurate on my monitor.

One Swipe Arm Swatch.

I haven’t fully tested the other two lip tints yet at this stage and I’m slightly concerned because my current impressions are that I already like them much more. Oh no.

I’ve not noticed any wear issues on my lips but in the arm swatches the red pigment in the Innisfree Vivid Oil Tint breaks up really noticeably and this is visible in the photo. Then I wore it on my lips again and it was really obvious, and my eyes were opened. The juicy result totally covered this up until now.

Built-up swatches.

In Innisfree’s defense, the other two lip tints are not oil tints. I still think the colour breaking up in the oils is an issue, though.

In the following photo, I removed the swatches with a dry tissue.

Five-minute stain. 

It leaves the prettiest stain on the lips, I SWEAR. It did take a while to leave a good stain though, like a good hour or two. The other two ‘pure’ tints stain much faster. It’s likely the oils or glossy finish of the oil tint preventing it from staining as quickly.

To summarise:

  • Easily available
  • Takes a while to stain, but stains evenly
  • Colour breaks up a bit on the lips, covered up by the glossiness.
  • I really did love this product before and wore it constantly, but I have to be honest and say maybe there might be better ones.
  • This verdict, however, needs more research. Will report back with any new findings.

In conclusion, the Innisfree Vivid Oil Tint and I have had some good times together, but it has become painfully apparent that it’s really not the best tint out there. Whether this is true of all oil-based tints remains to be seen. Anyway, I’m glad it’s the first one I bought because now I know better.

Recommend me some lip tints!


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