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[Review] Rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint in 06 #FigFig

Ah, Myeongdong.

Shopping mecca and street food haven.

Sheet masks galore and shopping until your feet melt, guaranteed.

My friend was due to fly home soon, so I joined her for a few days of visiting cafes and souvenir shopping. I had my eye on Rom&nd’s Glasting Tints, actually, which are supposed to be even glossier, but the main downside of Myeongdong is that it sees so much tourist foot traffic that many popular items are usually sold out.

Rom&nd is a trending brand that I think gained popularity via Instagram with their Juicy Lasting Tints, and I know Hince is another brand that is super popular lately as well – when I went hunting the two brands down, the stands for them were the busiest!


Price: W13000 (about £9)
Availability: Chicor stores in Seoul, and I’ve heard Olive Young and LalaVla also stocks them. Online, you can purchase them at Yesstyle by searching for Romand.

I was expecting the price tag to be higher, similar to Hince’s price range at W18000, for some reason, so I was pleasantly surprised at this price.

Figfig is a sheer red-mauve or muted berry shade. As you might know, I happen to really like this colour category right now and it helps that it’s also quite trendy. The colour range is mostly like that of most other Korean brands – Orange to Red to Hot Pink.

This tint stains more quickly than the Innisfree Vivid Oil Tint, but not as vividly as the A’Pieu Juicy Pang Tint. Here are some comparison swatches from my previous review.

Skintone notes: I am between NC15-20 in MAC and 1W2 Sand in Estee Lauder Double Wear. I consider myself light neutral with yellow undertones.

The lighting in this photo is harsh, artificial lighting in my room. However, I think the colours turned out quite accurate.

One Swipe Swatches
Comparison Swatches, multiple swipes
Five Minute Stain

By far my favourite thing about this tint is how smoothly it applies. The colour doesn’t break up or migrate into cracks, and the feel is very similar to products styled ‘lip lacquers’ in the UK. Smooth but not super glossy.

Here are the lip swatches… I took quite a lot! I wanted to show the colour and texture in as many ways as I could.

Rom&nd FigFig: The usual lip swatch.
Rom&nd FigFig: Smiling swatch

The second swatch here is to show how it might sink into lines… or not, in this case. I just really liked this swatch.

Rom&nd FigFig: Blotted
Rom&nd FigFig: worn down/ stain only #1


Below is the stain worn down, but with the added context of the rest of my face. As you can see, it looks fine. By no means perfect, but very good for a day’s wear, and it appears quite natural.


In summary:

  • Great price point
  • Smooth feel and appearance
  • Stains fast
  • Stains evenly with a pretty result.

This is a really lovely tint at a very lovely price point! I think it’s definitely worth picking up if you can.

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “[Review] Rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint in 06 #FigFig”

    1. I can understand that – when I was in Korea this shade was SO hard to find, it was sold out everywhere!! I’m glad you enjoyed my review, thank you! X


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