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[Review + Chatter] Innisfree Cafe & Skin Clinic Sheet Masks

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well and healthy, and that reading a blog post or two will help distract from the current world situation.

I have quite a few sheet masks lined up to try out lately. I just love how easy it is to pop into a store and buy a bit of whats’s on sale. I display minimal self-control in these situations and came home with a lil bunch multiple times so I’d better start using them. Luckily, I’m at home more these days due to online classes, so I have plenty of time!


I popped into the Innisfree Cafe in Myeongdong back in January with a friend. It’s a gorgeous, very green space – a large wall of fake leaves, but also a good amount of real plants! Their cafe features food and drinks made from Jeju fruits just like their skincare. I would say it’s a nice pit stop while shopping in the area and don’t have much time in Seoul.


We ordered some drinks and the souffle pancakes to share. It was delicious, and I remember it was a little pricey, but we expected that. I’d still go back for some reason. I think I just liked how calm it was and the vibes, plus this was my first souffle pancake experience! But there are better places for drinks and pancakes. I find it funny that the souffle pancakes are trendy now, but for good reason! They’re awesome!


Okay, back to the sheet masks.

Innisfree’s most popular sheet masks are their Real Squeeze line, which is also their cheapest mask line (at W1100, or about 80p each). However, I’ve heard mixed things about them and so opted for the Skin Clinic line which is a little more expensive (at W1800, or £1.20 each), hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed. In the past, I have liked some of Innisfree’s makeup and other skincare.

Price: W1800 or £1.20 per mask.
Availability: I can’t seem to find these anywhere online at my usual stores for some reason, but in Korea you should be able to find them at any Innisfree store.

My skin information: Oily, prone to dehydration and acne. Not usually very reactive to specific ingredients, which is why I review the user experience of a mask rather than its effect on my skin as it’ll usually not have any effect beyond adding moisture. Plus I tend to try each mask just once, and that’s not scientific at all. If I’d buy a ton of the masks again, that’s how you know I love it.


The Skin Clinic masks focus on having more medical-sounding ingredients as their main pull, with varieties such as Collagen, Betaine, and Madecassoside rather than the fruit varieties of the Real Squeeze line.

Out of the mask, the masks feel very saturated and have a standard thickness. There was also a mild scent, not so strong compared to other Innisfree products, and Innisfree are known for having pretty strong scents in their products.

There is also a thin mesh on one side of the mask although I fail to see the point of it – normally very thin masks will plastic backing to make unfolding and applying the mask easier. I don’t think the mesh backing helped with those things – it was even flimsier than the actual mask!

With the mesh cover

The fit is alright as far as most masks go – The chin is a common problem area but otherwise it’s decent. However, the mask adhered pretty well – or so I thought. As I wore it to do some work, it became obvious that it was sliding off my face the longer I wore it. So that was a lot of minus points because who wants to be stuck in bed, facing upwards to keep a sheet mask on?


After lying down, the mask stayed on my face for about half an hour. Like most other sheet masks, this does the pretty bare minimum of giving my skin a boost of moisture before I apply the rest of my skincare routine. It doesn’t dry tacky or pill with my current skincare routine or even my light makeup, thankfully. I think the watery texture helps with this, so you could wear it in the morning and not have to worry about it messing with makeup later on.

I am not so sure I’ll repurchase these just because I like my masks to stay on my face, otherwise I quite like them!

Let me know if you’ve tried these!

Until next time,




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