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[Review] A’Pieu Juicy Pang Tint in CR03

Hello!! I can’t believe I did not post this review sooner! That actually applies to a lot of posts on this blog – I am going to have to put aside a date to schedule a handful of life-related posts! I find that I am missing blogging lately, but I have too many hobbies to keep up with…

So, today we have a lip tint from A’Pieu! They are not a brand I’ve ever paid much attention to in the past besides trying out a few of their sheet masks but I’m trying out more of their items now and I’m glad I did.


Price: W8500 ish (under £6) (although I nabbed this on sale for less).
Availability: Yesstyle, Jolse, and all the good places that sell A’pieu. In Korea, you can find them pretty much in any retail store.

The packaging for the tint is what I’d call fairly standard – a matte plastic case with the product name stamped on it. Surprisingly, the brand name isn’t on the product apart from the sticker at the base in hangeul. It’s not obvious at all. The colour of the matte case matches the colour on the inside, making it pretty easy to find amongst anyone’s collection.

It has quite a strong fruity berry scent. Depending on your personal tastes, you may find it too sweet. It has a slightly angled doe foot applicator and it picks up a LOT of tint, so you may want to scrape off some excess.

CR03 is a very warm red and leaves a vivid stain very quickly.

Since I compared this to other tints in previous posts I am sharing the same comparison swatches here. This is in my fairly harsh artificial room lighting. My skin tone is light with neutral-yellow undertones – MAC NC15-20, or Estee Lauder’s Double Wear in 1W2 Sand.

A’Pieu Juicy Pang Tint comparison swatches: One swipe
A’Pieu Juicy Pang Tint comparison swatches: Multiple Swipes
A’Pieu Juicy Pang Tint comparison swatches: Wiped off with a tissue after about 5 minutes.

The colour is quite smooth on the lips – isn’t the lip swatch below one of my best ever?? This shade is vibrant, warm, punchy, and just… uplifting. It’s a very versatile red that works with most of my outfits. The quick stain also makes it a quick and easy option for wearing under a face mask too if you remember to blot before putting the mask on.

The stain is one of my favourite aspects of this product, so if you don’t like a great stain this will not be for you. However, to me it actually beats out the Rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint, which is really popular lately (and the post for which has been the most viewed all year!).

A’Pieu Juicy Pang Tint Lip Swatch

Overall, I think the A’Pieu Juicy Pang Tint line is a hit, and would totally pick up more if I could! If you’re thinking of trying out a tint that stains fast, and doesn’t hurt the bank account, I would recommend this one!

Until next time,


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