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6 years of Twenty Swans!

Okay, so a whole host of things happened in the last year that mean I am lucky to even have cool photos to share right now to reflect on. Who would have guessed that when I flew home to the UK, I’d end up leaving the house only a handful of times in 6 months?? There are some days where I don’t even GLANCE out the window.

My loss of sense of time was so bad that I forgot about the Blog Anniversary, but I would also like my future self to remember that it’s NOT on the 21st (and I’m still late!). It’s the 15th! I never seem to get that right.

A rocky shore in Busan, framed by trees.

My Most Viewed Posts This Year:

  1. Rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint in #06 Fig | You guys were REALLY interested in this lip tint. It’s a really popular and trendy product in Korea still, so it was great for my stats I guess haha. I know this blog is basically ‘whatever I want to post’ but I do like it when people enjoy my content.
  2. Battle of the Supposed Velvet Teddy Dupes: Wet n’ Wild Bare It All vs Maybelline Clay Crush
  3. Innisfree Vivid Oil Tint in #9 Bloody Chocolate| One of my first staples in Korea and also while at home at the end of last year, I’ve just managed to use mine all up!

I didn’t post as much as I thought I would this year (I was TOO good at holding back the spending…). Speaking of lips, mine have not been in good condition to do more lip swatches lately, so this year’s occasional lipstick content will have to wait.

A little park shelter, also framed by trees. I have noticed that I like framing in my compositions.

My Goals from Last Year:

  • At least two days a week where I eat vegetarian. – This just isn’t going to happen, I think…
  • Blog in July! AND August! – I STILL haven’t done this!
  • Draw more! I definitely managed to draw more, as you’ll have seen on my insta. I made the upgrade to an iPad Pro while abroad and holy moly was it worth it. It made drawing on the go so easy. I actually bought it to be my study-art device during my final years of uni (all those papers and PDFs and notes, too!) but lately it’s only being used for art.
  • Be better about promoting the blog. Also not happening, hahahaha.
  • Do that big clear-out when I move home from Seoul. I did do this! Two bags donated to charity shops and two more waiting to go once the situation improves. I don’t know how I managed to fit so many clothes in my storage before that!

My Goals for the Next Year:

  • Art goals – to draw more hands, full-body poses and improve my clothes folds. I really like to hide hands and do close-up portraits and it’s beginning to show on my insta! My secondary goals are to be better at drawing details, and also learn a manga style with screentones and pen, but these are less important.
  • Blog my art – Instagram is just a bit too short-form for me, and I’ll always prefer long-form blogging. I have a lot of thoughts about my art that I want to share. So watch this space! I would make a second blog as a portfolio, but that defeats the point. If you just want my visual work without the text, that’s what places like Instagram are actually for.
  • Get in better shape – a goal that’s currently low-priority, but is always something I want to do once lockdown lets up. I was doing pretty well until our treadmill started wearing out (with three people using it regularly) and lockdown started (making the living room often too busy). I am also semi-terrified that I will one again be too big for my current wardrobe once we can go outdoors again.
  • I can’t really think of many more goals. The bar for this year is just that low.
  • Graduate and get my degree!! Aw man yeah, that’s happening soon! No idea what comes after that, though. I’m currently considering further study.
A cat walking out of some hydrangea bushes.

This anniversary post has been super short compared to past ones, as I feel like I have less to say about the year? Especially having not done much of note in the latter half besides study and draw. I only hope that, if you’re reading this, that you and your loved ones are well and healthy. With the pandemic not really getting better as we’d hoped, it’s all the more important that we look after each other, too.

See you soon,


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