About Me

Hi! I’m Swanna.

I’m 21, British-Vietnamese and from the UK, and a second-year Psychology student at university. I’ll be spending my third year studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea and hope to blog about all my experiences there too.

Swanna is not my real name – I sign off my posts as my initial, X. However, you are also free to interpret it as a big kiss blown your way. No? Too slobbery? OK.

I post about whatever I feel like posting. I created the blog as a way for me to talk to myself without feeling like I am talking to myself. At the moment I am really into posting skincare and makeup but that could change! I also occasionally talk about the music I’m listening to amongst other things. I want to be posting more books and personal updates, too.

I hope that my future self will have the grace and elegance of her birdy counterpart.
Right now? I’m more of an ugly duckling.


About The Name

In primary school, I had various names as a result of mispronunciation, including Sun, Zhwuarn and Shun. When I started afresh at secondary school, I made a semi-conscious decision, picking my favourite of those nicknames and introducing myself as Swan. I haven’t looked back since.

Zwanzig is one of my more recent nicknames, picked up during Key Stage 3 German lessons – it’s German for twenty!

As you might be able to tell, I am not fussed about people getting my name wrong as I am so used to it, but people have insisted on getting it right, which I appreciate, and I think that if somebody with a difficult name asks you to get it right, then you should.

Some Other Important Information

None of my posts have ever been sponsored and I’ve yet to work with a brand, so all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I’m no skincare expert so the things I know are from reading other content and googling a lot. Everybody’s skin is different so a product that is amazing for me might turn your face into the craters of Mars. YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary).

My skin is oily, often dehydrated and sensitive to sudden weather changes resulting in dry patches. I am also acne-prone, especially more so after eating junk food and hormonal acne although I also get rare and large deep-rooted pimples for apparently no reason, warranting limited further investigation when it does happen.

My closest base match is Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in 1W2 Sand which is full coverage. I have a fair/light, neutral-yellow skintone. I wear sunscreen a lot and don’t usually tan especially in the UK so my skin tone doesn’t change between seasons.

In MAC this puts me, if I remember right, in NC15-20.
Last time I was matched in NARS, I was matched to Deauville.
I should probably get these matches re-checked, to be honest. 

Other base items I like include:

  • Maybelline Eye Eraser Concealer in Light (a teeny bit paler, nice yellow tone)
  • Revolution Define and Conceal Concealer in C6 (paler and more neutral)
  • Glossier Stretch Concealer in G11 (paler and more neutral)
  • It Cosmetics CC Cream in Fair (more neutral)

I hope this information helps you find your match! I would definitely recommend getting matches in full coverage items as a starting point as those need to match you closest to look good!


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