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My Weekend in Bristol!

I'm nineteen now, everyone. Almost at that big two-zero and of course, by this time nobody quite wants to get older. Right now I actually want to skip to my late twenties when I have my life a little more put together but, of course, it can't be done. I spent my birthday weekend in… Continue reading My Weekend in Bristol!

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Needed: A Catch Up.

Hello, internet acquaintances! As I type it has been a number of months since I last made a post. I did have posts lined up that never got past the posting line, and I say this a lot and you all know what's up, but soz. Today I'm gonna ramble about: exams and post-exams makeup… Continue reading Needed: A Catch Up.

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A Year of Twenty Swans!

Hello everyone! First of all, since I missed the chance, I would first like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, which I hope is much better than 2015 was for me. I am very happy to see the back of it, personally. Today's an extra special day for 20S,… Continue reading A Year of Twenty Swans!

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Inktober Weekly Round Up #1: Days 1-10

I may have mentioned in passing that I'm taking part in Inktober 2015, which is a social media hashtag project thing in which artists everywhere draw an ink piece once a day. This could be a doodle or a huge thing depending on time constraints, and in biro, india ink, pen or brush, whatever, but… Continue reading Inktober Weekly Round Up #1: Days 1-10

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Field trip: Stiperstones and Heathers

Yesterday morning, I was up half an hour earlier than usual and sluggishly got out of bed. After washing my face and going to the windowsill to begin my skincare routine, this view totally uplifted my spirits. Its it not glorious? The photos are a bit blurry due to morning condensation on my window, but when I retook… Continue reading Field trip: Stiperstones and Heathers

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Must Knit to Quell the Urge to Eat during GBBO…

Okay, so when I started writing 'weekly thoughts' it was because the things that happened in my life were far too momentous to put into their own posts. Then all of my personal writing became the weekly thoughts so now I'm trying to switch it back a bit. I guess I am still finding my feet with… Continue reading Must Knit to Quell the Urge to Eat during GBBO…


Time flies when most of the lighting in the museum is artificial.

Surprisingly, AT had never been to the local museum and art gallery before, so RZ and I took her out for the afternoon (although once we got there she seemed to have flashbacks of primary school trips). As always, minus the selfies, there are surplus photos that I can safely share with you, this being… Continue reading Time flies when most of the lighting in the museum is artificial.

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Truly Lovely Day Trips That Don’t Happen Often Enough

(Warning: unexpectedly long post, which suggests how good my day was! As a side note, thanks to AT for all the photos except for the one above.) I've just returned home from a really lovely School Trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon. It's my third trip there, and all of them have been school excursions, but it's a… Continue reading Truly Lovely Day Trips That Don’t Happen Often Enough