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[Beauty & Chatter] Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2020

Me? At a Fashion Week? I've not even been to any of the London ones! But, as I am Seoul this year, I felt that I should experience it once or twice at least. You can have a look at my instagram over at @Swanzig_X where I've saved it all as a highlight (it'll likely… Continue reading [Beauty & Chatter] Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2020

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Handmade Winter Knits

After a long while, I have found my knitted accessories to be of some use. On top of that, I am knitting again! I have yarn that I want to use up! YAY. For the first time in years, we had a wave of heavy snow. Now, just in case you live in Canada or… Continue reading Handmade Winter Knits

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Mini Budget (under £6) Haul! (Although it was a bit hit and miss…)

Today was relatively uneventful. I had a day shift at Clarks. My first three shifts had been good with little complaints, I picked up on things quickly and apparently got good customer feedback (still get nervous about fitting shoes though). Today though, it was relatively busy and there were some critical customers who thought they… Continue reading Mini Budget (under £6) Haul! (Although it was a bit hit and miss…)