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Review: Kose Suncut Ultra UV Aqualy Protect Gel SPF50+PA++++

A few weeks ago, I mentioned in this review that I had possibly found my favourite, everyday indoor sunscreen. I'd been mulling over buying this for weeks and weeks. There aren't many reviews of this online, so I just kind shrugged and went 'for the blog!' and ordered it. I don't regret it one bit.… Continue reading Review: Kose Suncut Ultra UV Aqualy Protect Gel SPF50+PA++++

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My Experience Buying from TokyoToys

So, I guess this is a short review of sorts. TokyoToys is a store specialising in anime/manga themed and other Japanese products. They are based in the UK and their website was the first that I checked out when looking for anime-themed items for DD's birthday. I made my order - two items plus delivery… Continue reading My Experience Buying from TokyoToys


August 2015 Playlist – The Songs of my Summer

Coincidentally, the releases I have been looking forward to this month are all from different parts of the world (ish). From the US, Melanie Martinez's debut album (everytime she releases ANYTHING you will hear about it from me!) was released on the 14th. 'Cry Baby' is a lovely sickly-sweet (and I mean sick as in creepy, hauntingly and… Continue reading August 2015 Playlist – The Songs of my Summer

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Ice Cream, Ice Cream, Vanilla

(I'm referencing one of f(x)s early album tracks for their Nu ABO EP.) I'm actually usually cautious when opening up something from the Birthday Box, because sometimes they have packaging that can't be resealed or something. I opened these sooner than I would have because I had the sneaking suspicion that they were individually wrapped,… Continue reading Ice Cream, Ice Cream, Vanilla