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Review: MAC FutureForward X LeeHi

One of the big draws of Korean Beauty is all our favourite idols promoting them. From products selling out because members of EXO use them, to ranges selling well because faces like Yoona and Suzy are representing the brand, K-Beauty treats us well. The two worlds of K-Beauty and Western Beauty rarely cross, so being… Continue reading Review: MAC FutureForward X LeeHi

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The Saving Goddesses of K-Pop (This month, anyway.)

Since the mock exams and reports and self assessments as such, I've been on a hiatus in more ways than one. I didn't go to Archery, or knit, or draw, or anything at all. I did turn 18 though, which is something. Wow, guys, I'm an adult now - she says with a serious deadpan… Continue reading The Saving Goddesses of K-Pop (This month, anyway.)