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[Cafe Break] Le Montblanc, Seoul

One of my goals throughout the holiday is to try and visit as many cafes in Seoul as possible. There are so many, and I want to visit them all while I still have the chance. I spotted Le Montblanc on Instagram, and luckily the friend that came with me also had  that cafe on her… Continue reading [Cafe Break] Le Montblanc, Seoul

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[Chatter] Easter/Pre-Exam Catchup

Hi everyone! I've had a bit of a wild week and it's been a while since I updated the blog, so I thought I'd share what I've been up to. As I type, it's Saturday (the 27th April) and I've just come home from my part-time job. I went out on Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday… Continue reading [Chatter] Easter/Pre-Exam Catchup

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My Weekend in Bristol!

I'm nineteen now, everyone. Almost at that big two-zero and of course, by this time nobody quite wants to get older. Right now I actually want to skip to my late twenties when I have my life a little more put together but, of course, it can't be done. I spent my birthday weekend in… Continue reading My Weekend in Bristol!

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The Gap Year Diary: November

Well, I am a little late, but without further ado, here's what I got up to this month! UCAS all done and dusted London Trip NaNoWriMo Progress with languages UCAS. DONE. Let's get the more depressing topic out of the way first. Somehow at the beginning of the month, I mustered the motivation to finish… Continue reading The Gap Year Diary: November

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Places: Paradice Gelateria, Harbourne High Street

I've never done a review of a place before so this is interesting! One evening, J and Q were discussing a nice place to go eat ice cream when I realised that I, too, also had free time to go try some of this good stuff! So off we went. Paradice Gelateria on Harbourne High Street… Continue reading Places: Paradice Gelateria, Harbourne High Street

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The Gap Year Diary #2: Sept – Oct

Here's what I got up to this month-and-a-half! The school squad group chat is quieter these days. #Growingpains tour School-related things Beginner's Japanese Bookity Books NaNo Prep Trip to Edinburgh Goodbye to the nail salon Uni things Towards mid-September I said goodbye to a number of school friends that were heading off to Uni and… Continue reading The Gap Year Diary #2: Sept – Oct