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My Skincare Routine – Jan 2017

Strap in your seatbelts, readers, because this is one of my longest posts to date. It's huge because my routine doesn't change a lot over a year so I'm making this a rare, annual entry. My focus on skincare really blows up in the winter, when transitional weather wrecks my skin a little and sends me… Continue reading My Skincare Routine – Jan 2017

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Complete Skincare Routine: September 2015

I did do a skincare routine post just a few months ago but so much of it has changed already so I thought I would do a simple hyperlink-heavy post to summarise what I'm using now. I was building it up to match the Korean Routine, famous for having 10-12 steps but I'm still young so my… Continue reading Complete Skincare Routine: September 2015