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It does not feel like it’s 4:50pm.

I feel like today, even though I didn't do anything significant, has tired me out a lot. The caretaker at school was handing out a lot of tinsel and my friends got armfuls each to decorate our booth with. We had seven heated games of benchball, five of which my team won, all the while… Continue reading It does not feel like it’s 4:50pm.

Life Without Style

Friday 13th – A Day of Good Luck?!?

I didn't remember that it was Friday the 13th until I got home and my sister told me! It's been a pretty good day. For one, today is Children in Need day. Millions of people nationwide will, like me, be tuning in to the BBC telethon which is always a lot of fun. I do… Continue reading Friday 13th – A Day of Good Luck?!?

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Inktober Weekly Round Up #1: Days 1-10

I may have mentioned in passing that I'm taking part in Inktober 2015, which is a social media hashtag project thing in which artists everywhere draw an ink piece once a day. This could be a doodle or a huge thing depending on time constraints, and in biro, india ink, pen or brush, whatever, but… Continue reading Inktober Weekly Round Up #1: Days 1-10

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Field trip: Stiperstones and Heathers

Yesterday morning, I was up half an hour earlier than usual and sluggishly got out of bed. After washing my face and going to the windowsill to begin my skincare routine, this view totally uplifted my spirits. Its it not glorious? The photos are a bit blurry due to morning condensation on my window, but when I retook… Continue reading Field trip: Stiperstones and Heathers

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Textbooks and Apple Sauce

Laughably, if anybody wants a decent textbook to study with this year, the School will be of no help. Last year, having fallen short on AS textbooks they had to give us revision guides for free. The AS textbooks in question weren't even the right ones for our specification and I'm personally not fond of revision… Continue reading Textbooks and Apple Sauce

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Thoughts of My Week (#11)

School begins soon. Over this bank holiday weekend so far we've visited the city centre for the first time in a month or so, mostly to buy a suit for my brother who is starting sixth form next week. The short genes that run in our family made this very difficult. In other news, his GCSE… Continue reading Thoughts of My Week (#11)


Summer Reading 2015: Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

A novel sized book is instantly going to be a bit easier to read than something sized like a textbook (however thin that textbook is) so I was hoping that Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman would be a welcome break from all this mind-boggling information. Like all but two of my summer reading books,… Continue reading Summer Reading 2015: Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

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How I Handled AS Results Day…

Last night, despite my little pledge to give myself more sleep, I allowed myself not to due to the circumstances and distracted myself on Tumblr for a few hours. This morning, I did not want to get out of bed. It was 10AM and my school would open to all Yr12s in another half hour… Continue reading How I Handled AS Results Day…


Summer Reading 2015: Atypical Behaviour by Linda Turner

This is going to be a boring reading post - it's a textbook. I know, I know, but I did say I would include the textbooks as technically I am reading.    This counts as 'reading around my subject' because it seems we don't do any more atypical behaviour throughout the rest of my Psychology… Continue reading Summer Reading 2015: Atypical Behaviour by Linda Turner


Reflection: Psychology Summer Project

My regular blogging schedule is being interrupted to bring you a spontaneous post. It's a long, long, long text post, so please bear with me. If you are a somewhat regular reader, then you may have read what little mentions I gave of my school psychology project. I wrote about how this project was new and… Continue reading Reflection: Psychology Summer Project