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Review: Rimmel Apocalips/ Show Off Lip Lacquer in Aurora & Eclipse

First thing I have to mention is that these are now discontinued but there are other ways to find them at the moment!

I have to say, I will be forever upset that these were discontinued (and that I discovered these so late) in the first place. With the matte trend raging at the moment, they might not be missed by anybody but me. Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers were pulled from shelves to make room for the new ‘The One’ lipsticks, of which I own one… in a shade that taught me I do not look good in coral.

Whilst these are continued, you can still find these in limited stock on Ebay or in the large discount chain store B&M. There aren’t any fakes I know of flying around and the formulae of the two I have are consistent so I’m quite convinced Ebay is safe in that respect. I bought mine for around £2.50 each, down from the original RRP of £6.99 so I’m quite pleased with myself there!

These are a liquid lacquer so they are housed in a stylish gloss tube with a doe foot applicator. The applicator has a little hole in the middle to hold more product, and I find that I can cover my lips without re-dipping into the tube.

The Apocalips formula is pretty much like a very very pigmented gloss, but not as thick. It’s a light cream with a high shine finish. The thing I love most? It skims over flaky areas as if they don’t exist and the pigment doesn’t settle into any lines. In this cold winter, this formula is really quite a fab option.

Of course, typically it does transfer onto just about everything. It also bleeds after a couple of hours, on the outer sides of my bottom lip but this is easily rectified with lip liner. It leaves a respectable, even stain that is a lighter, more natural variant of the full pigment, and won’t look strange at all.

The two shades I have are Aurora and Eclipse. Aurora is an ever so slightly coral-leaning pink whilst eclipse is a dark red berry shade. I don’t have any other shades like Aurora, but whilst I do have a similar shade for Eclipse in the form of Rimmel’s own infamous 107, it’s nice to have it in another, more forgiving finish.

That’s all for my review today! This one has been stewing in my drafts for a while. I have a Colourpop review that’s just gone back into the works because I have a new camera and that means new swatch photos – you’ll hopefully see me easing in better photos as we also head into the new year.

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