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Review: NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks in Soft Spoken & Stone Fox

Hi everyone!

I remember the NYX launch being the most exciting last year along with Kat Von D and even now my sister has to stop me from stopping to gawk at their lip range when we are out. NYX is all over my Christmas Wish List, too!

I was not a fan of the Lip Lingerie range that they launched at the same time as these Suedes. It’s just not as pleasant and even from the get-go, it produced ‘cracks’ in my lips where you could see the gaps in product.

But yes, these Liquid Suedes I really, really like. NYX are sold at Debenhams and Boots and these cost £7.00 for 4ml.


There’s not much to say about the packaging – it’s very easy to tell which shade you’re reaching out for as the tube is the same colour as the shade. The doe foot applicator is relatively longer and flatter compared to other brands which might make it difficult for some to apply but personally, this presents no major problems.

The formula is definitely a creamy texture in that it is heavier than the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets which feel more like a mousse. They wear well, although I do need to reapply after three or four hours to avoid the dreaded lip cracks. The cracks are less noticeable in Soft Spoken but a shade like Stone Fox has to be checked on frequently. Thankfully they’re very nice to reapply and the packaging means I can chuck it in my pocket or bag and not worry about it.

For these arm swatches, I only applied one swipe! They’re really pigmented and opaque, even on the lips. They aren’t tight or drying at all, and instead of being fully matte they have a slight creamy sheen.


Soft Spoken is a medium-deep nude shade. Contrary to this swatch, it has more of a mauve tone. This is the best MLBB colour that I have for my lips, too. That with the lovely formula means I did reach for this a lot before my love of dark lipsticks returned. It’s a wonderful everyday shade for university.


Stone Fox, on the other hand, is lucky if I wear it once a year… It can be a appear a little patchy if I do my regular thing of scraping off excess, so I go in with a normal layer on top to really get that colour. It’s a hard colour to wear as it can accentuate any redness near the lip area as well as making the teeth look yellower.


Overall I really love these and especially Soft Spoken, which I am sure to buy again after I use it all up (it already feels quite light compared to Stone Fox, haha). NYX now have a Metallic Suede range which I am eyeing up as well.

What are your thoughts on NYX and the Liquid Suedes?

Until next time,


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