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Artistic Scarf-ing

I dug up a scarf from my ‘not-quite-finished-but-so-so-close’ collection, weaved in one measly tail (that was all?) and viola.


The most artsy-fartsy scarf ever (when it’s knotted around my neck, that is). Forgive the unflattering photo.

Pattern: Oh, Helen! (Link to Ravelry page)
Yarn: Patons Classic cotton 4 ply (discontinued). Yardage unspecified.
Patons current cotton 4ply will do just as well, but you’ll probably get a much longer scarf if you use up the whole skein. The yarn itself is also much shinier than the Classic.

Observe my love for cotton. My stash has a healthy lot of cotton/acrylic blends too.
I mostly use pure cotton just for lacy patterns and summer knits.
This particular ball of red was found at a charity shop with a bunch of other balls at £1 each. I should’ve bought more at the time, because when I returned to buy more, they were all gone.


Art Mock Exam tomorrow. May the Big Artists Up Above grant me the perseverance and motivation needed for me to survive this difficult time.

I will wear the Artsy Fartsy Scarf for good luck.


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