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Who isn’t a lover of lip balms?
Despite seeing LipSmackers everywhere in my childhood I never bought one, thinking it was a novelty brand for kids. Uh, no. Seeing as it was Twerp’s Birthday recently one of her friends bought her an awesome set of presents (awesome considering her Year 7 budget), including:

  • a basic knitting set – plastic needles, not enough acrylic yarn to do anything but your first multicoloured square, instruction booklet that my sister doesn’t need because she knows how to knit so I taught her to do I-cord bracelets… Like I said, Year 7 budget, but I have so much second-hand appreciation for the thought that went into even getting these gifts!
  • jelly (because she’s recently been obsessed with it)
  • a whole set of Lipsmackers because Twerp is always losing her balms.

This girl knows my sister well.

Anyway, Twerp gave me one of the doubles in the Lipsmacker set, a strawberry starburst flavour, and I love it. It’s a tube, which means that while it’s great for portability and fits into just about every pocket, I can’t leave it on my desk standing up or I’ll knock it into my green tea latte by accident. Which just happened. I observed that the tube floats in water and the lid doesn’t allow water to get in. So if something in your bag leaks, your LipSmacker would be safe and your priorities could be focused elsewhere.

Tubs are better for leaving around the house.
Tubes are better for leaving in bags and pockets.
(Maybe I should do a post on the other lip stuff I have?)

Anyways, why are people spending £3 on Maybelline’s Baby Lips when you can buy a set of 8 of these for around £10-12 which makes each one £1-ish? I think both products are similar aside from the tints. Of course, the Baby Lips Colour (you may notice how uncomfortable I feel writing colour and flavour without a u…) is more tinted, but only slightly.  My own Baby Lips was bought in Vietnam and the packaging is different to the ones sold in the UK, but similar to the LipSmacker.

L-R: LipSmacker Starburst Strawberry Candy Flavour and Maybelline's Baby Lips Colour in Berry Crush.
L-R: LipSmacker Starburst Strawberry Candy Flavour and Maybelline’s Baby Lips Colour in Berry Crush.

See? Basically, if you need to stock up on lip care, buy a set of LipSmackers. Don’t think I’m going to turn back!


P.s. Recently been helping Mom out at the Nail Salon. She has these gorgeous looking bottles of cuticle oil! Apparently those are real flowers in the bottles, and the scent is lovely, too… You can find them online for about £6.56/ 30ml.

Blossom Scented Cuticle Oil. So pretty.
Blossom Scented Cuticle Oil. So pretty.

P.P.S. A song, to complement this post, called Lips. SNSD is a Korean Girl Group, and this is one of their Japanese releases.

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