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Skincare Routine, June 2015 #2: Tone and Treat

Earlier on this series I mentioned my Mom’s high end taste in skincare products. She tends to purchase more when there is an offer on or an extra perk like a gift set. This is how I’ve ended up with toners from Lancôme, in big and small gift sizes as Mom doesn’t use toners. I have oily combination skin.

Lancome’s Tonique D’eclat – A ‘Clarifying, exfoliating’ toner. Even when used sparingly (a little goes a long way with this one), there is this tingling sensation, which I personally like but isn’t for everyone. It does feel slightly drying so I don’t use it after the Murad Clarifying Cleanser, but the gentler Aloe Cleanser (See previous post). Of course, follow up with lots of moisturizer.

Tonique Doucher – I really like this toner, and I’ll be really sad once it runs out. It’s gentle, hydrating and it feels so refreshing on my skin.

Murad’s Acne Clearing Solution and Skin Perfecting Lotion – These two products came as part of the set with the Clarifying Cleanser I blogged about earlier. I use the solution every morning and evening after toning, using my fingers. Despite applying quite liberally I still have lots left (as opposed to the  cleanser which is half empty even when I use tiny splodges).

When these samples run out, I’m probably have to turn to high street basics… although I’ve never used any. Suggestions, anyone?


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