Review: Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder

I mentioned being on the hunt for a mattifying powder for my oily complexion and super-dewy-like skincare routine. Rimmel’s ‘Stay Matte’ was on the to-buy list until I spotted this, which seems better suited to my acne-prone skin. It costs only £3.99 at most supermarkets and drugstores.  

Rimmel’s Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder promises to mattify for up to 5 hours and minimise breakouts, which sounds pretty great. My skin can get seriously oily during the course of the day, and I found that this powder managed to keep this at bay for about 3-4 hours (compared to about 2 without it) if I put on enough.

When my skin started to get a bit oily again it did not become as oily as before.  When I top up it doesn’t completely mattify my skin again either, just reduces shine to a nice, acceptable level of dewy. I like that since I’d rather my skin not look dull.

Getting a powder also means finally putting this brush by Gok Wan into use. Mom was gifted this ages ago for Christmas as part of a ‘Gorgeous’ Decolletage Set (read: boob enhancement). I’m not sure the gifter knew what they were giving her, but anyway.

We knew we were never going to use the mousse and bronzer it came with so they mysteriously disappeared quickly, but I thought this brush was really nice so it kept it for myself. It did not get any use at all until I bought this powder! It’s soft and perfect for this unintended use… at least I think so. I know nothing about makeup brushes! You probably won’t find it anywhere now but it’s a common brush type so it won’t be hard to find a good, affordable substitute.

On the other hand, the brush isn’t very portable so I’m thinking of investing in a powder puff to pop in the packaging of the powder as it seems there is ample room. Why they didn’t bother to include one with it in the first place we will never know.

Also, speaking of packaging, it is easy for the lid to come off when you’re out and about. Considering that most of my bags and purses are kinda flat this isn’t much of a problem for me but if you just chuck it in your favourite bag it’ll probably break.

To conclude, if you have oily skin and want a super matte look, it might be better to invest in Stay Matte instead (although I can’t vouch for it myself). If you just want to tone the shine down enough, then this is great for that purpose.


P.S. Since I scheduled this post I have invested in a pack of compact puffs from Superdrug for a little under £2. What I’d note is, if you press in a lot with the puff you’ll get a really matte (I’m talking about 80-90% matte in numbers) look! The Gok Wan brush gives adequate light coverage but the compact puffs are great for a more matte look and fit perfectly into the space in the lid so I can touch-up really quickly.

P.S.S. This also claims to minimise breakouts. I’ve had less of them, sure, but there are plenty of other factors that could have caused this, so I’m on the fence with that. What I can say, though, is that it doesn’t cause breakouts on my skin.

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