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Review: BBia Auto Last Gel Pencil Liner in #20 Jazz

Brown eyeliner has been on my radar for a while. Whilst I adore my Clio Kill Black liner, black winged liner is not entirely second nature for me and takes up so much time and effort to do. I used to be that person wearing bold red to the supermarket but now, thankfully, not so much. I don’t go anywhere special these days, so I’ve really been pulling out the more natural looking faces recently – not quite ‘no-makeup’ as I’d like it to be noticed, personally!

But anyway, for a natural makeup look, brown liner is a great alternative to black as it looks less harsh and contrasts less. Even in pen form it looks softer. I’d also heard BBia’s gel eyeliner has some great staying power which was a perfect reason for me to give it a go.

Brand: BBia
Product Name: Auto Last Gel Liner
Store: Jolse, a Korea-based webstore. Orders from them take about two weeks to arrive to me in the UK.
Cost:  $6.78 USD (about £5.50)

Packaging: This comes in a cardboard box that I feel isn’t really necessary. At all.

This comes with a tiny sharpener in the other end which, the first time I used, just broke off the tip. I presume you’re supposed to use it like a normal sharpener but like??? If it’s going to keep breaking off that’s more product wasted than actually sharpening it. By using the edges to line my eyes, I get a decent thinness of line so I’m not too bothered with a sharp tip. Even if I sharpen it, the tip wore down quickly the first time I used it.


#20 Jazz is a lovely earthy dark brown. It has a slight shimmer that isn’t noticeable, and it takes only one swipe to get a decent amount of pigment. The colour is dark enough to enchance my natural lash line when I tight line my eyes, but unlike a black there is less sharp contrast.


This is remarkably like my favourite pen liner, CLIO Kill Black, in the way it wears. It’s soft going on my eyelid, but once it’s ‘dried’ down it’s not budging. It tends to lift colour and fade rather than smudge, and at the same time, it’s also slightly harder to remove even if my oily eyelids basically act as their own oil cleanser in most cases. Needless to say, I am impressed.

Overall, I love this gel liner and I want to purchase more in their black and burgundy shades. I can imagine these being a total must-have in my makeup bag.

I hope you found this helpful! Thank you for reading.


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