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Starting a Year-Long Lipstick No-Buy

Recently, I took stock of my beauty drawer, and came to the realisation that I just… have too much crap. Not exactly breaking news, but hey. *shrugs*

My lipstick stash needs a bit of cutting down. It’s not exactly a need, per se, because my lipsticks, high end or not, are a little luxury for me and I have them by choice and not need, anyway. However, it’s now making me feel sort of bad or even uncomfortable that I have this many. This is because, currently, I own 43 (excluding lipliners), which is more than my lipstick holder allows by more than 10. I don’t like my collections outgrowing their designated spaces!

The Beauty Drawer collections I see online don’t make me stress though because, like, you do you, right?

[Added edit: It’s now 44. Q just gifted me her Christmas present. I held it, still wrapped, and went ‘it’s a lipstick, isn’t it?’ and she replied ‘it’s not like I knew you would buy 8 on Boxing Day!!’ WHOOPS. THANKS, Q!]

[Edit: It’s 47. I mis-counted.]

It’s true that I haven’t de-stashed in a while. But then here’s the thing… In my humble opinion, there aren’t any duds in my current collection. There’s something I like about each and every one of them enough to keep them.

Actually *leaves the room to throw two out*, at least there is, now.

What does this mean? This might be a big ask, being a beauty blogger and all, but my aim is to:

not buy any lipsticks at all this year.

This is also something I want to commit to and want to be held accountable for. Part of fulfilling a goal involves an action plan, so here’s mine:

  • I will share my progress at the bottom of new posts. How many days as it been since I last bought a lipstick? What’s going on my wishlist? What did I wear most recently?
  • I will continue to keep lipsticks a thing on my blog by incorporating ‘my week in lipstick’ or ‘lipstick in rotation’ posts. Or, I’m super diligent, a ‘lipstick empty’ post! Will it ever happen? Stay tuned~ LOL
  • Stashing my new and untouched lipsticks (9 of them) (and other products) in a box, only to be taken out once in dire need of new makeup to talk about. It will be like a gift to myself!
  • Letting my siblings call me out and stare at me disapprovingly when I buy or even attempt to buy stuff I don’t need.

 Like seriously, call me out if it seems like I’ve bought another, please.

I should note that I’m not stopping buying beauty stuff entirely! I’m still searching for my dream mascara and I will repurchase my favourite eyeliner as it runs out. This isn’t about spending less (although it’s always better if I do that), but about owning less and making sure I only own what I use… I.e. returning to regular levels of consumption…

[This excludes any lip stuff I get as a gift, though Q has made it known to me that I own a lot and probably won’t buy me anymore lol]

On the same note, some of my other aims this year is to use up a few of the yarn and notebooks in my stash, and also whittle down my wardrobe to basic items that will get some wear. I have some gorgeous bits and bobs that I just don’t wear anymore, and I don’t want to be like a certain close relative who genuinely has no room for her new clothes that now live in the second laundry basket, taking up space.

I made a start by clearing out drawers and taking them to the charity shops in the city centre. I actually do this fairly regularly but I was extra harsh this time around. That coral jumper, I adore, but never ever wear. That plaid top, I also adore and actually flatters me, but I never wear that either.

Sort of on the same topic, but in a better light, my spending habits have actually improved this year. Even the Boxing Day damage was not as bad as I (or Q, when I told her) expected it to be.

Do you have any beauty-related resolutions this year?

Until next time,


P.S. AS IF NYX tweeted two of their newer lip ranges just now sob *adds to wishlist*

Days since I last bought lipstick (as of the date this post goes up): 14
Most recently worn lipstick (as of typing this post) : Lancome 06 Rose Nu (mini)
Products added to wishlist:  NYX Soft Matte Metallic Lip Cream, Cannes – metallic versions of their famous lip cream line! (There was also a powder lip product, but I wasn’t feeling the shades after I googled them. HA. #selfcontrol)

27 thoughts on “Starting a Year-Long Lipstick No-Buy”

  1. Just wow…for me, the highlight of my makeup is lipstick, and that is something I cannot consciously cut down on (even though I must have around 12 same pink shades of lipstick). I will follow your comments, and you just may convert me to your plan also 😉

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  2. Lipsticks are so easy to hoard! I’m excited to see how many you go through, since you won’t be buying any more throughout the year. It’s a goal of mine to branch out and try more shades that are already in my collection too xx.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, my collection covers all bases pretty well so it’s not a problem of needing a new shade 😉 I personally don’t think I’ll finish any but I do hope to make at least a sizeable dent in them! X


  3. This is a really nice goal! I don’t own as many lipsticks as you do but more than I’d ever need. It’s SO easy to buy a lipstick and now I think I’ve completed my collection in the sense that I’ve got my summer pinks, my vampy cranberries, my dark wine reds, my neutrals etc. I would love to FINISH one tube of something though, cos I haven’t done that for anything lol.

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  4. Yeah, I’m always shocked at how people accumulate products! I think if I aimed to actually finish all my lipsticks it would take at least two or three more years! I want to finish at least five this year. I have quite a few mini sizes so I am aiming for those ones as well as the liquid lipsticks! X


  5. I absolutely love this idea! I did an inventory of my makeup recently and lipsticks are definitely my problem area too. I think it’s the satisfaction of picking up something small to add to your collection and not breaking the bank, but then it gets to the point of having too many to practically use! Good luck with your challenge – looking forward to following it!

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    1. I feel you massively! I know there are others with many more lipsticks than me but I literally don’t have room for all of them 😥 It’s already very hard and we are 11 days into the year with my fast growing wish list of lipsticks! LOL X


  6. I am a lipstick addict and have decluttered from 50 down to 35 including my new products. I’m doing well for me. I’m trying to ban myself from buying more this year and hopefully will only break it once I find a dupe for Beauty Bakerie’s lip whip in cranberry stiletto. Other than that I’m pretty happy with my stash

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  7. Wow, this resonates with my soul lol. I currently have wayyy too many lipsticks, a few that I’ve only swatched and never even worn. Luckily buying more lipstick hasn’t been on my mind. I’m going to have to start experimenting with the ones I do have though. Good luck with your challenge! 🙂

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