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[Chatter] A homage to the discontinued Burberry Lip Cover in Rosewood, and about spontaneity… 

Whyyyyy oh whyyyyyyyy can’t I buyyyy this anymoreeeee

In case you couldn’t tell I suddenly missed being spontaneous here. Seeing as my blog literally started out with a post about a fallen tree I’m sure this isn’t surprising. This was supposed to be a place for me to talk to myself and I think I’m getting caught up in ‘official’ blogging which isn’t the same.

Anyway, so back to just spilling some thoughts. I mean, it’s still makeup thoughts but it’s either that or exam chatter (which I’m sure will happen eventually but that I don’t want to chat about just now!!)

Look at this (worn) bullet. This slightly damaged casing. This is the mini version, y’all, and it’s just as delectable as the full size.

This SHADE. omg. This lipstick shade is literally throwing shade at me but I don’t mind because it’s gorgeous. It’s a brown with a hint of pink, and it applies sheer at first but builds up really well to a gorgeous, creamy satin nude tone. It wears well and is very comfortable throughout the whole day.

(I was really worried that these lip swatches turned out too warm but on my laptop they’re appearing fine and true enough to colour. I hope you can see the difference in Rikugien and Rosewood! I also hope they’re not appearing too pink. On an added note, urgh lighting in my room in the winter… the worst…)

Rosewood is also very MLBB, but less sheer and shimmery compared to Rikugien and more noticeable. For me, it’s the better Rikugien. The problem is that it’s also discontinued and I’ll never be able to buy it again unless I resort to Ebay, which I can’t because I’m currently on a lipstick NO-BUY. Sob.

Let me love the hell out of this, first.



Days since I last bought lipstick: 15
Last worn lipstick: Rosewood (duh).
Added to wishlist: Also Rosewood…

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