Half term breaks give plenty of opportunity to catch up on long-lost reading, so here we go. I just want this posted – it’s the third time that this particular post has mysteriously vanished!

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke
About: Book characters read to life.
Read if:

  • You’re wishing for a happier ending than all the other stuff you usually read. Actually, I was almost surprised to find that the ending was semi-happy. There is a sequel and Funke does give leeway to that (hence the semi-happy) but I don’t feel the need to find out what comes next.
  • You have a few evenings to spare, a cosy reading place and a fireplace. Given the length of the book and its pacing, I would take my time with it.
  • You love books – not just reading them, but the idea of them, their value, just BOOKS.

Breathe by Sarah Crossan
About: Trees are endangered, oxygen levels have plummeted and everyone lives happily in oxygen-filled ‘pod’ cities. Conspiracy is afoot.
You have
A: your super-kind girl,
B: your mysterious rebel hot girl and
C: your naive clueless higher class dude who is best friends with A and attracted to B.

I really liked this – it was refreshing in its approach to dystopia (I just looked up the definition, it’s not centrally that genre, but its on the outskirts) and, whilst I felt that the conclusion was fairly satisfying and I could probably go without the sequel, I would pick it up if I happened to pass it by in the library.


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