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Fiesta-Worthy Food

Last Saturday, some family friends came around to hang out with my parents. They left us with our Sunday evening sorted – eating out together. I’ve finally gotten the photos and things together in one place, so this post can finally go up!

The eight of us went to Fiesta Del Asado, an Argentine restaurant in Edgbaston, Birmingham. Here is their menu.
They gave us a plate of bread, vinegary olive oil and slightly spicy olives to make the wait more bearable. My brother, who hates olives, liked their olives. They were really nice olives.

My parents were mostly there for the steaks and ordered a Bife de Costilla (the largest steak) to share, but Dad cooks enough steaks at home that I knew that I wasn’t going to order it. Mom did give me a piece to try, though, and I liked it.

Bife de Costilla
Bife de Costilla

Instead, I ordered an Esternado de Ternera: cubed brisket braised for 12 hours in a malbec and salchicon sauce, served with crisp potato and corn. Reading that off the menu, I ordered on the basis of what I knew – ‘cubed brisket braised’.

Esternado de Ternera

It looked like a bowl of beef stew.
It was potentially the best beef stew I’d ever had. The meat is really tender and goes really well with the sauce. If it weren’t for the fact that I was at a restaurant I would’ve licked the bowls and plates clean.

The desserts…

Homemade Honey Ice Cream.

The last scoop of ice cream ended up being shared out between by siblings because it was quite rich – enough for two scoops, but having a third gave me an unsettled feeling. However, it is amazing ice cream – you know I love home-made ice creams!

Churros with a bit of Heavy Whipped Cream and Chocolate Sauce.
Churros with a bit of Heavy Whipped Cream and Chocolate Sauce.

I mostly took photos of food (using Mom’s new phone, because the camera on it is amazing!!) , but I look back and wish that I’d taken more of the decor. Their serving plates are really nice too…

The staff that served us were really helpful – they know their dishes inside out, made sure to check our allergy requirements and cleared any potentially-offending dishes with my sister before they made her food, as she has a mild nut allergy.
Also, any dropped cutlery was replaced really quickly. I thought that was nice of them. At most places I’ve been to, the staff never notice. It’s like that time when I got excited over lime in tap water.

To round off this post, a photo of the fries which get a special mention for being surprisingly, mindblowingly, amazing. The potato had a strange sweetness that was perfectly balanced with the general savoury flavour of… fries. (I’m sure I was going somewhere with that sentence.)
We ordered five bowls to share among ourselves, but we should’ve ordered more!


Chips, glorious chips…


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