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Review: B. Nourished Night Serum

Hello, dear readers – I’ve been considering the idea of calling you all ‘Cygnets’ after baby swans but let me get back to you on that one – it’s no big news that it’s the holidays but this gives me plenty of opportunity to switch to daily (or even twice daily if I’m feeling up to it) posting this week only in order to get this backlog of blog posts actually posted… They’re mostly beauty posts because I knit and read far too slowly to update regularly, sorry!
Although some of these photos seriously need retaking, I hope you can all hold on until I have time to get that done at the end of the week – I’m helping out at the Nail Salon this week AND I start my summer job too, so… busy busy. 

Recently I’ve been building up my skincare routine following the well known Korean 8/10 step routine. Right now I have a Day and Night Routine and both are 6 steps. Since I’m still a teenager I’m not too worried about having a routine done and dusted, as it’s still about experimenting with the right products for both my skin type and tiny budget.

Superdrug’s ‘B.’ Skincare line isn’t actually aimed at my age group at all – It’s for 20+ years, but I really like the extra hydration this gives me. It has a really pleasant smell as well so I look forward to applying this to my face at night. It absorbs quickly and smooths on pleasantly, and a little goes a long way. I like the pump on the packaging which always makes everything easier.

It’s usually £9.99 for 30ml – so a bit out of my usual budget – but I picked this up for £4.95 as it is currently discounted. It’s an ideal time to buy it if you are considering it.

I know almost next to nothing about serums so if you have any recommendations, let me know!


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