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Media Edit Winter 2018: A Lot of Brooklyn 99 and Smash Bros. Ultimate!

Hi Everyone!

Now that it’s the end of January and my exams are almost over, it’s about time for me to share what I’ve been watching. I managed to get through quite a lot over the Christmas holidays so without further ado…


I’d been a little behind in terms of watching any anime, but that’s why I’m part of the anime society, right? We watched Re:Life in the final weeks of term which was a good pick, it was very cute, a little relatable and I enjoyed it a lot. We also went on cinema trips to see Mirai, a heartwarming and charming story about a toddler and his new little sister, and Boku no Hero Academia: Two Heroes because our society are almost all suckers for BNHA.

As 2019 began, my siblings and I have been watching Dragon Pilot, Chromecasted onto the living room TV. It’s hilarious and quite a bit different with a cute art style and charming protagonist who is plunged into flying a hybrid dragon-plane (!!).

TV & Drama

I am horrid at keeping up with drama and things but I finally made it my mission to watch Killing Eve and I am utterly blown away by it. The main characters are fantastic and it’s just such a strong, female-lead thriller. It’s about a woman and her tracking of an assassin. Anyway, did you SEE Sandra Oh at the Globes? Jodie Comer at the BAFTAs??

I also watched the entirety of Brooklyn 99‘s first season and am well on my way with the second. It’s best for when I am already in a good mood and want to keep it that way, mostly due to the lighthearted and sometimes childish humour. Again, Andy Samberg at the Globes with Sandra Oh!

Lastly, I watched the live action adaptation for Kakegurui – I haven’t seen the anime or read the manga yet, so this was my first exposure to the characters and setting. Before I forget, it’s about a student compulsive gambler who joins a high school with a heirarchy determined by… you guessed it, gambling. I thought the leading actress was great in her role and that this was probably one of the better drama adaptations, mostly because the aesthetic and style fit in really well with live-action and isn’t too out there. I actually found it difficult to watch the anime afterwards (!!) so I might try out the manga at least.

Lastly, I tried out the Thai Drama, Girl From Nowhere. I wasn’t feeling the first episode but Kitty Chicha Amatayakul as main character Nanno kept me watching until the later plots had me captivated. It’s about various iterations of Nanno transferring into different schools and facilitating the darker sides of people. It does seem a bit slow paced to me at times but otherwise it’s intense and I enjoy it.


As aforementioned, I’m a fan of Matilda’s content for her classy, unique filming style and short videos and recently I have added Madelynn De La Rosa (LaMadelynn) to my subscriptions. Here’s the video that I loved from her enough to make me subscribe:

She makes retro-styled content in short videos mostly under 10 minutes (like Matilda) but she also uses cruelty-free and vegan products so it’s nice for recommendations and SO aesthetically pleasing. I am also watching a lot of Violette_Fr, the personal channel of Lancome’s Global Beauty Director, and Haley Kim, who is just gorgeous.

I’m clearly latching onto a classy and natural, effortless put-together aesthetic (a la Glossier or Parisian-inspired) but that just doesn’t seem very ‘me’! I guess in my case, it’s ‘couldn’t-care-less and lazily put-together’.

I want to see more short videos from cruelty-free/vegan beauty influencers and youtubers so let me know if you can recommend any to me!

Blogs & Social Media

I don’t normally recommend other blogs but recently I came across some whilst binge-reading Glossier reviews. Auxiliarybeauty is harsh on the products and still finds stuff she loves, and her writing is entertaining and just fun to read.


Unsurprisingly, I’ve been obsessed with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. On launch day I wasn’t going to get out of bed until it arrived, but then I realised the doorbell didn’t ring as my package fit through the letterbox. I’d never run downstairs so fast in my life! I took it around to my friends’ so we could play together, all six of us. You start with only the 8 characters from the original N64 game, and there are an unlockable 66 characters, so whenever we unlocked a new one, we’d all play as the new addition.

I haven’t picked a favourite ‘main’ fighter yet – I happen to like Wii Fit Trainer, Ike and my Mii Brawler, although I also really like Palutena, Bayonetta and Zero Suit Samus. I’m a terrible fighter but I revel in the chaos of item-high battles, so any character with decent recovery is fun to play.

For someone who isn’t really a gamer, quickly clocking in at 40 hours over a month is pretty telling and makes SSBU my most played Switch game after Stardew Valley at 25 hours.


As usual, there’s a playlist of all the songs down below so do check them out.

The entire FACE album by Key of SHINee – Completely hits the sweet spot for me in terms of musical taste. My standout tracks are the title song, One of Those Nights, Imagine, which is almost Daft Punky and is also a full-English language track that isn’t cringy, and Good Good, which is just due to personal taste but there isn’t a single track on the album I don’t like which is really saying something!

Butterflies by Red Velvet is my favourite track from their newest mini album. Red Velvet mini album b-sides specifically tend to be hit and miss for me (the full albums, on the other hand, are great) with the only exception being Red Summer so far. Butterflies is dancy and cute and dreamy – a friend suggested it could be an f(x) track but the cuteness is what makes it Red Velvet’s song.

Yubin’s single Thank You Soooo Much continues to deliver the retro-style bops! I’m hoping for a future album that’s as great as Reboot from her former group, seeing as she’s the only member to continue the retro sensibility in her solo work. I personally still think she’s still finding her feet in a sense when it comes to her sound and solo charisma but I’m sure she’ll get there eventually, and I think TYSM is already a leap up from her first single, City Woman.

Oasis by EXO is my pick from their recent album instead of the guaranteed LDN Noise bop Gravity. Their repackage title track, Love Shot, is also a jam but I have been loving the live performances more than the actual song.

Finesse (ft Cardi B) by Bruno Mars – Did I sleep on this last year? Yes, yes I did. This got stuck in my head whilst helping my parents out at their nail salon over the Christmas holidays – I was in charge of the playlist so I had to very quickly update my knowledge of UK hits!! As you all know I have a soft spot for retro styled bops and this clearly means I have to check out everything I’ve missed from Bruno Mars.

I’ve recently discovered Allie X, whose music fits fabulously into my sonic preferences – I think it’s mostly catchy synthpop? Her aesthetic, on the other hand, isn’t my thing (think really wierd, and boomerang all the way, but I’ve loved having ALL her music playing as I studied for my exams. The songs on this month’s playlist are Catch and Girl of the Year.

I’d pick something from the recent 2019 releases except I’ve not been utterly obsessed with them the way I have been with the songs on this list right now. There’s a lot of K-Pop I’m looking forward to this year, but beyond that, I am seeing Epik High live in London in a few months which I am SO excited for!!

Let me know what you’ve been watching, reading or listening to recently!

Until next time,





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